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Jamaican Women’s Bobsleigh Team Finish 19th At Winter Olympics

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Thurs. Feb. 22, 2018: Congratulations were pouring in on social media Wednesday afternoon for the Jamaica women’s bobsled team, even though they finished second to last at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

“History makers” and “inspiration” are just some of the adjectives being used to describe the team of Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and brake woman Carrie Russell who finished 19th overall, ahead of team Nigeria.

The team, the first women’s bobsled team from Jamaica to compete at the Winter Games, for their part took to Twitter to thank fans and supporters!

“It has been an incredible journey,” they tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Red Stripe, which stepped up at the last minute and bought the team a $50,000 sled to compete, tweeted that the team has made the company, Jamaica & the world proud.

“Now, it’s time for a beer,” they added.

On Tuesday’s opening day of action, Jamaica finished their first run in 51.29 seconds and landed in 17th place, three from the bottom and then ended their second run in 51.50 seconds, which placed them 19th, one from the bottom.

The Jamaican failed to make any impact in the overall standing during their last two runs on Wednesday, finishing the third run in 51.83 seconds and landed in 19th place and the fourth run in 51.32 seconds for 13th place.

Those four times landed the Jamaicans 19th of the 20 competitors with a cumulative time of three minutes 25.94 seconds. They beat last-place Nigeria by three minutes 29.60 seconds.

 Germany’s Mariama Jamanka and Lisa Buckwitz won the gold.

They set a time of 3 minutes, 22.45 seconds to take top spot ahead of the USA’s (Elana Meyers Taylor, Lauren Gibbs – 3:22.52) and Canada’s (Kaillie Humphries, Phylicia George – 2:22.89).


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