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That “Good Wood” Advertisement On Trinidad TV


The same company also played on sex in this ad. (YouTube screen grab)

By Fatimah Mohammed

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Sept. 14, 2017: People in Trinidad and Tobago it seems have become immune to the crime crisis. It is no longer that traumatic to see and read that there are as many as three murders committed every day.

People have also become immune to immorality. The Carnival parade every year, with women on the streets bearing all except bikini and beads, has made people blind to the spectacle of public indecency. So far no one – not even priest, pastor or pundit – has complained about that a current local TV advertisement with a woman advertising “good wood” for a Marabella hardware store.

For months now, a woman has been appearing regularly on TV bearing her cleavage and in short skirts and her legs akimbo asking, “Don’t we all want good wood?”

This Carnival-centered society finds nothing wrong with this obscene sexual innuendo. How low has sweet T&T really sunk?

EDITOR’S Note: The writer is a national of Trinidad & Tobago.