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Trump’s America – Episode # 21 – Comic Book President

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 9, 2017: If only Donald Trump could only be found in a comic book and not The White House that would make sense. Instead Donald Trump has made The White House and the Presidency into one never ending comic book.

And all the rest of us are paying the price!

Thursday’s Comey hearing provided more comic “relief.” Both the right and the left  can easily find and did find enough material for whatever version of reality they preferred, The sinister Trump Donald Trump further unmasked by James Comey or Donald Trump under assault by James Comey or both. It is a comic book Presidency – anything and everything can be true.

Watch Fox News and CNN and you are watching two very different comic books brought to “life” on your TV or computer screen.

The real issue is that either way it is a COMIC book reality. The reason it is a comic book reality is because the lead character President Donald Trump has turned the Presidency and White House into a comic book world.

If anyone thinks that is a good thing. WRONG! Having an outlandish individual unlike any President before certainly in our lifetimes is not good for us or the nation no matter your political views.

I wrote 313 episodes criticizing Barack Obama’s many shortcomings as President and all his hypocrisy but he was not bizarre the way Trump is. Trump’s recent so called diplomatic trip around the world is another “good” example of comic book reality. Heaping endless praise on Middle East despots led (sic) by the barbaric Saud Family of cutthroats, President Donald Trump praising all of them for leading the war against Islamic terrorism when they are the very cause of the terrorism with their repressive regimes and poverty stricken societies they steal all the wealth for themselves.

Then on to Europe where he bullies other leaders in ways you would only expect to see in comic book chastising them left and right  telling them they are all wrong and  America is always right with Trump as President.

Afterwards, Comic Book President Donald Trump comes home to rant and rave about the Paris Climate Accord a non-binding statement of a global commitment to protect the environment which Trump trashes as a conspiracy by 194 other countries to destroy the United States and its economy. This is comic book stuff. Scary comic book material!

Then of course there is The Wall, health care, tax cuts and so much more. All of which play well as comic book material with Trump our President.

So let’s turn to a good source of comic book villains to place Donald Trump among his own!. First up on a Google search is something called Comic Vine which provides its list of the 100 top comic book villains. Too many to list here so let’s do the top 10 on their list…. From #10 tot #1 they are …

Kingpin (Spiderman), Phoenix Force (X-men), Loki (Avenger), Ra’s Ghul (Batman), Darkseid (Superman),  Galactus (Fantastic Four), Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four), Joker (Batman), and Magneto (X-Men).

Never heard of most of them?. Neither have I. In fact only the Joker from Batman would be known to most of us which is “good” news for Donald Trump he has a very very good chance to make the top of the comic book villains list if he keeps it up. That is not good news for the rest of us.

It may come down to battle for comic book supremacy between The Joker in Batman and The Joker in The White House. Stay tuned right here each and every week for more. For this week I will leave you in suspense.

That is enough comic “relief” for this brief episode of Trump’s America.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.